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Corporate Massage Therapies - Advanced Treatment Center LLC offers massage services that promote and maintain the health and well-being of people, weather you are in the "Acute, "Rehabilitation" or "Wellness" phase of care. Massage and bodywork services are designed to compliment your stress management and wellness activities and goals. This includes instruction in Posture and Balance exercises for maintaining Anti-aging and Holistic Lifestyles. Most of the self care exercises are included in the book "Stand Taller Live Longer" by Steven Weiniger, DC.; with a custom forward written by me. See the link "Posture For Health" at the left to purchase a copy.

The massage and bodywork techniques used help identify and  correct muscle and soft tissue imbalances and (kinks) in the body caused by physical trauma, mental or emotional stress or accidents, injuries or disease. Identifying and correcting Posture and Balance issues in the body can help improve movement for for all stages of care. 

Bodywork techniques are also used for Dance and Sports Muscle Balancing Therapy.

See  below  for more information on manual therapy techniques used.

Corporate Massage Therapies-Advanced Treatment Center LLC

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The massage and bodywork performed in this practice is more accurately described as manual therapy as many clinical and therapuetic techniques are used to treat acute and chronic muscle and soft tissue strain patterns and posture issues due to improper muscle balance. 

Acute and chronic muscle and soft tissue strain patterns can be caused by many sources, but common causes are stress, trauma, injury, poor posture, and repetitive activities.

The goals of manual therapy include assisting in the rehabilitation and prevention of muscle and soft tissue dysfunction. The basis for use of any and all of the techniques used in manual therapy is an accurate assessment of posture and gait and the documentation and charting of the results from session to session. The benefits of this approach results in:

 Identifying sources of improper muscle balance and tone.

 Restoring functional range of motion and flexibility.

 Improving Symmetry in muscle and soft tissues and restoring bio-mechanical “whole body” balance.

 Evaluating and improving gait (walking patterns).

 Client self care recommendations stress management, strength and endurance programs. 

Many manual therapy and energetic techniques are available as tools to accomplish the above. A partial list include:

Posturology Assessment and  Charting (Also available with high quality Professional Report for separate fee,   which can be givien to other health care providers to support other therapies).

 Integrated Neurosomatic Therapy

 Myofascial Release

 Deep tissue Massage Techniques

 Structural Balancing 

 External Hot and Cold Applications

 Near Infrared Light Therapy

 Essential Oil & Herbal topical applications.

Corproate Massage Therapies @ Medford, NJ

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